Grain-free V. Gluten-free

I share a lot of quick tips on my social media whether it’s in a quick story or in recipes on my blog. Oftentimes I’ll share something that’s grain-free or gluten-free but I don’t always have the chance to give context behind why that’s a positive so I wanted to write a quick blog post […]

Try New Things, It’s Important

Does anyone else feel really comfortable in their comfort zone?   If yes, here’s some food for thought: It’s so hard to shift and try new things, especially when what you’re doing is “working”.. so it’s like, why mix it up? But I’ve learned in business (especially anything creative) it’s so important to try new […]

Recipe: Matcha Latte & Everything You Need To Know About Matcha

Matcha is such a buzz word at the moment and it can definitely be an intimidating drink but I wanted to make this blog post to discuss what the hype is all about and show you how easy it can be to make matcha at home! & the benefits are SO GOOD. Below I’ve outlined […]

Recipe: Strawberry and Banana Acai Bowl

If you love acai bowls, but find they can get a little expensive, here’s how easy it is to make them at home in under 10 minutes! A lot of times all the added stuff, the kind of acai or the quality of it can make a store-bought bowl not as healthy, but acai on […]

Recipe: Earl Grey Oatmeal

YOU GUYS – why haven’t I been cooking my oats in tea my entire life? (Shoutout @heatherraeyoung for giving me this idea!) It literally melts in your mouth it’s so good !! And it’s so dense that it keeps me super full until lunch… ✨⠀ Ingredients: (2 servings) 2 cups plant milk 1 earl grey […]

Celebrating Your Body V. Forcing Yourself to Exercise

This blog is a short and sweet one that I hope will inspire you to change your perspective on exercise :) Here’s how I want you to think of it…   Exercise should be a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate. Mindset is everything. When you treat […]

Ramen Noodles But Make It Healthy

Ramen noodles but make it healthy? I’ve been seriously craving ramen or any kind of spicy soup. But instead of takeout, I resorted to my college specialty: ramen noodles :) Ramen is usually touted as an unhealthy food (also every college student’s go-to) so I’m here to show you there’s a way to make it […]

Thoughts On Fruit

If you follow me, you know that I love fruit. And it makes me so so sad that fruit’s gotten a bad rap over the years because of people saying that fruit makes you fat or there’s too much sugar in fruit. I think that, like all things, too much of a good thing is never a good thing but all I ask it that you don’t fear it!

*General* Daily Vitamin Protocol for Women

Obviously vitamins are sooo subjective but I wanted to give you a protocol that could be good for most women, especially those who are plant-based. What I really recommend is doing a full micronutrient panel so you can supplement whatever you are deficient in. But, of course, I know that that might not be available […]

All About Peptides

Peptides are old science that have finally made their way to the US, after having been used for years in Europe. In this blog I want to outline some things I’ve learned from peer-reviewed research and my good friend Darshan @ Next|Health :) What is a peptide? A peptide is a chain of amino acids […]