Turmeric DIY Beauty Mask

If you suffer from acne or dry skin, and you want a natural, easy mask you can make at home, you have to keep reading. Today I’m going to teach you how to make your own little DIY face mask.  This is really targeted towards acne, blemishes and dry skin. All of the ingredients are […]

Beauty Tips: How to Get Healthy Hair

Today’s blog is all about healthy hair. I’m going to share the products I use, the tools I use, and a quick tutorial on the hair dryer I use every day that you guys have been asking me a lot about. One of the most important things to do before you blow dry your hair […]

Career Advice: How to Choose The Right Career

I’m sharing this videoIto give a little insight on my career – how I built my career, how I transitioned from pharmacist to digital creator, etc. This is a question I get asked a lot, so I thought this could be a helpful video to share my experience, but also help anyone who isn’t happy […]

Overnight Beauty Hacks

Today I’m sharing 5 things you can do overnight – in terms of wellness, diet, beauty – that will give you actual results in the morning. Of course the main goal is long-term prevention and health, but sometimes you just want to wake up feeling like your best. Stop your dinner 3-4 hrs before bed. […]

Recipe: Strawberry and Banana Acai Bowl

If you love acai bowls, but find they can get a little expensive, here’s how easy it is to make them at home in under 10 minutes! A lot of times all the added stuff, the kind of acai or the quality of it can make a store-bought bowl not as healthy, but acai on […]

Beauty Talk with @LeylaMilani

This is a live video from an Instagram Live Q&A Leyla Milani and I did on health, skincare and beauty. We shared our personal tips as over 90,000 live viewers asked questions!

Natural Sleep Remedies

In this blog I lay out some great natural sleep remedies that are easily available, affordable, and that could make a huge difference in your sleep! I even include some fun studies about sleep positions and have also added a quick “cheat sheet” :)

Natural Tips for Weight Loss

Its so easy to get stuck in an all or nothing mindset, but its the little changes that will make a difference in the long run :) Today I explain natural ways to lose weight and why each of these items are so effective! They are very natural solutions that think outside the box!