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I personally like to buy my go-to snacks and superfoods at Thrive Market, because they carry all the brands I love but up to 50% off (and everything is delivered)! I’ve built a personal “favorites” page on Thrive Market for my community with everything I recommend and eat on a weekly basis, but you can also search for whatever you want with an endless amount of category filtres (like: vegan, paleo, vegetarian, organic, raw gluten-free, non-gmo… the list goes on).

This is a membership-based store but it’s very affordable (yearly membership = $5/month, 6 month = $6.65/month, 1 month = $9.95/month). You can use my code: MONA for $10 OR $20 off your first order.


For those of you who prefer to buy as much as possible on amazon, because it’s familiar and easy, I got you covered :)  

Nuts, Seeds & Butters

Individual Almond Butter Packs by Artisana
This is the only individual-pack almond butter brand I like – cleanest one on the market
Mona's Take >
Use Code: Promo2020
MIYOKOS Vegan Butter
The cleanest vegan butter on the market.. no additives or chemicals, and it tastes incredible! Whether you’re vegan or not, you’ll love it.
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Sunflower Seed Butter
Hemp Seeds

Bread, Grains & Pasta

Red Lentils
Red Lentil Penne

Healthy Drinks

Sencha Tea
Liquid Chlorophyll Drops
Sacred Lily Oolong (Pique Tea)
Use Code: "MONA" for 5% off
Pu’er Green Tea (Pique Tea)
Use Code: "MONA" for 5% off

Superfood Powders

Carob Powder
Cacao Nibs
Earth Echo Cacao Bliss Superfood Powder

Natural Sweeteners & Spices

Dulse Granules
Monkfruit (Powder)
Monkfruit (Drops)
Manuka Honey

Snacks & Dips

Raw chocolate
Roasted seaweed
Siete chips (fuego)
Wrawp Spirulina

Clean Condiments & Oils

Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt
Primal Kitchen, EVOO
Coconut Oil (liquid)
Bitchin Sauce, Chipotle