Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

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I think this is going to be a blog post that I update quite often. Anytime I find a new spot in LA I just can’t live without, I will add it to this list! For the most part, I am a creature of habit. I feel like most people are, right? I live in a city with literally hundreds of options at all times (not meant to be a humble brag), but I tend to stick with my favorites.

Disclaimer: I know the title of this blog post says “vegan restaurants” but not all of the restaurants are vegan. However, they the dishes I get (and list below) are of course plant-based. Keep reading to see my favorite restaurants + my favorite menu items. :)

  • Toast Bakery & Café
    • The Fresca Chicken Salad (my modifications: no chicken, extra cucumber/tomato, add celery, add chickpeas, add jicama, add beets)

I had to start with Toast, because it was the very first trendy café I ever ate at in West Hollywood, and I’ve loved it every since! It’s VERY LA. Casual but cool, has outdoor seating, and healthy options. This place is not all plant-based, in fact the menu is HUGE. I get the same exact thing every, single, time.

If you get this salad in full size, you probably won’t be able to finish it (I usually can – but I love a big salad). It is SO GOOD! I also recommend not even using the dressing that comes on the side, because the salad comes dressed with a cucumber/tomato base that already has a lemon/olive oil dressing mixed in. The dressing on the side just ruins it!

  • Café Gratitude Beverly Hills
    • Liberated – Raw Pad Thai Kelp Noodles
    • Bountiful – Blackened Tempeh Bolognese

Café Gratitude is amazing. It’s not only in LA, there are a few different locations. This place is 100% plant-based and 100% organic. Honestly, anyone would love this place, vegans and non-vegans! The above 2 dishes are my go-to. The liberated is amazing because the texture of the kelp noodles feels like pasta, but it’s a raw dish and very low in carbs. It is INCREDIBLE. The Bountiful is so yummy and warm and cozy. The pasta is gluten-free, and it also has tempeh which is the healthiest form of vegan protein out there! This dish isn’t perfectly food combined, but I eat it anyway :)

  • Craig’s
    • Spaghetti Squash Primavera
    • Vegan Chicken Parmigiana

Craig’s is one of my favorite dinner spots in LA. It’s fun and trendy, but also sophisticated and low key. There’s no loud music, there’s big cozy booths, and the food is great! Craig has recently added a lot of vegan options, which is so cool. The spaghetti squash is the healthier choice. The vegan chicken parmigiana is a great cheat meal  It even has melted vegan cheese on top (this is currently making me salivate). It’s also perfect for a new vegan who is having difficulty transitioning. I recently went with a friend and asked him to try a bite of it and he said he couldn’t even tell it was vegan! True story.

  • Tocaya Organica
    • The Venice Beach – bowl
    • Street Corn En Feugo – bowl
    • Shredded Kale & Quinoa – salad
    • Guacamole – side
    • Salsa Trio – side

I picked a lot of favorites here.  But they’re all so good! Tocaya isnt’ 100% plant-based, but what’s cool about this restaurant is that everything on the menu STARTS vegan. So all of their bowls, salads, etc. come with only plant-based ingredients, and then you get to choose your protein, and cheese. There are vegan options for both (tofu, vegan chili, numerous vegan cheeses, etc.). I usually don’t add either. Sometimes I’ll add tofu, but I stay away from processed vegan cheese/food as much as I can.

There are a few different Tocaya locations. The one I like best is in West Hollywood. It’s very quick and casual, but the ambiance and quality are top notch. It’s right on Sunset Blvd, has beautiful outdoor seating, and all around is just a pleasant meal/experience.

  • BOA Steakhouse
    • Smashed broccoli
    • Sautéed Spinach
    • Bamboo Steamed Vegetables
    • Sweet Potato Fries
    • BOA Chop Chop Salad (my modifications: no salami, no olives (I hate olives), no cheese. Add cucumbers. Add avocado)
    • Nidi Bolognese
    • Stuffed Savoy Cabbage Leaves
    • Wild Mushroom Burger

Ok.. this list is also long. I was going to just choose my top favorite item, but why not give you options of all the things I like here? Honestly, if I had to pick one dinner spot it would be BOA. It’s the most gorgeous setting, greatest vibes, and great food. It’s clearly not vegan, because it’s a steakhouse. But believe it or not I find so many options at steakhouses. It’s because they tend to have great salads and great veggie sides. Everything I listed up there is vegan, and all pretty healthy except the wild mushroom burger. It’s sooo good, but not super healthy.

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Written by

Mona Vand

Doctor of Pharmacy. Beauty, Health, & Wellness Q’s

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