How I Organize My Pantry

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As promised, here’s Part 2 on kitchen organization, sharing exactly how I organize my pantry.


Cabinet #1:


Persian Shelf

This is my favorite. Here, I keep my rose tea, cardamom, saffron and some herbs and spices. I also have oils and vinegars, nutritional yeast and rock candy (an old Persian remedy we drink with tea to soothe stomach aches). 



I use a spice rack that hangs on the door, so I can label and see the tops of all my spices (which makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for!) …and YES, they’re in alphabetical order.


Grains, Pastas & Baking Ingredients


  1. Grain-free Pastas. I keep a variety (chickpea, brown rice, lentil). If I have a little leftover, I’ll keep it in the box and use it up next time.
  2. Quinoa, Mung Beans and Lentils. I love having these on hand because they’re such easy bulk cooking ingredients and great sources of plant-based protein.
  3. Gluten-free Flours. I keep different gluten-free flours for baking, and I’ll throw on a sticky note or printed label to remember what’s what.
  4. Organic Ramen Noodles. I love these as a quick, lazy meal.
  5. Cacao. I always have cacao nibs and cacao powder to throw into pancakes, oatmeal, cereal and smoothies because they’re such good sources of antioxidants.
  6. Extra Plant Milk. I keep this on top.


Cabinet #2:



I love raw nuts because they’re so good for your skin, hair and heart health, so I always have different varieties.



When it comes to snacks, my go-to’s are Hu vegan chocolate bars and grain-free Siete chips …I definitely have 1 or 2 squares of chocolate after dinner ALMOST every night :).

Links to containers:

Spaghetti container:

Aluminum lid canisters:

Black lid canisters: 

Milk container:

Spice rack:

Storage bins for snacks:

Glass storage containers, black:

Cookie jar:

Glass storage containers, cleart:

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Written by

Mona Vand

Doctor of Pharmacy. Beauty, Health, & Wellness Q’s

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