Dr. Mona Vand feat The Skinny Confidential Lightning Round Questions

In today’s post, I’m going to ask The Skinny Confidential, Lauryn Evarts, 10 quick questions, share her answers and let her explain them a little bit. I thought this would be fun since she’s an amazing beauty blogger, and we’re both really into skin care.

Lightning Round Questions

Q: Favorite healthy meal?

A: Eggs and avocado on GG crackers with a side of green salsa and an unsweetened iced tea.

This is my go-to right now. I go through stages where I become obsessed with things, and do it as a routine so I don’t have to think about it. With this, I get the fiber, I get the protein, I get the avocado. It changes all the time – sometimes it’s GG pizzas (liking GGs right now).

Q: Favorite NOT healthy meal?

A: In-N-Out, protein style with extra onions …and chips and salsa/guac, with a margherita.

Q: Most enjoyable workout?

A: Pilates or strength training.

I love pilates – I think it’s cool that you can lay down half of it and still get a workout in. Strength training gets the job done, and I get a lot of clarity and endorphins when I do it.

Q: Most effective workout?

A: Strength training.

I definitely see the most results with strength training, but I also like taking my phone on the treadmill and doing emails when I walk. Why would I be sitting on the couch returning emails when I can walk for an hour and get 5,000 steps in? I’m a big fan of counting my steps on the app, Pacer. I don’t think of it as a workout hour, I think of it as a work hour.

Q: Can’t-live-without hair product?

A: OUAI Rose Oil and my hair sunscreen.

This oil smells pretty, it’s light and adds a little shine. I spray my hair sunscreen on before I go (sunscreen everywhere!).

Q: Can’t-live-without item of clothing?

A: Definitely my husband’s jean jacket.

I always steal my husband’s clothes because sometimes you just want an off-the-shoulder, really baggy piece. You put it on with a tight bodysuit and jeans, and you’re good. 

Q: Favorite cleanser?

A: Right now, it’s Dr. Lancer.

I just think Dr. Lancer really gets it when it comes to skin care. I also like Dr. Dennis products.

Q: Favorite sunscreen?

A: Caffeinated sunscreen.

…because it tightens – amazing.

Q: Hair down or in a ponytail?

A: Ponytail, always.

I feel like everyone’s go-to is hair down, and I think it takes a very CONFIDENT woman to rock a ponytail – pull your hair back, show your features off and rock what you got. It also gives you a face lift.

Q: Favorite anti-ageing remedy? 

A: Facial massage.

This and oils – those together are gold for me.

Q: Favorite scent?

A: I love holiday in my house all year round …like Christmas.

My favorite scent is Christmas, but for a perfume, I really like Egyptian Musk Oil. It’s the same perfume that Caroline Kennedy wore, and is only $18. It’s a very masculine scent (not too fruity or girly), and I have a super masculine side of my personality, so it’s just right.

That was our lightning round! I’m really into scents … :)

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Written by

Mona Vand

Doctor of Pharmacy. Beauty, Health, & Wellness Q’s

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