Meet the Pharmacist Rurned Entrepreneur Who Wants to Help Make the World Healthier

Mona Vand thought she found her calling when she decided to be a pharmacist. Once she started practicing, though, she was underwhelmed by the ho-hum of having a 9-to-5 job. When a friend suggested she become the type of medical professional that appears on TV segments, Vand began building her brand and her eponymous website, Dr. […]

Why practicing wellness isn’t just for celebrities anymore

From hashtags to celebrity-recommended routines, the term “wellness” seems inescapable. “I think wellness, if I had to overall define it I’d say [it’s] self-care and I think that’s the shift that people are making,” Dr. Mona Vand recently told Page Six. “Before, it wasn’t necessarily a good thing to care so much about yourself.” “You’re […]