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Finally a hair blog post! This is something you guys have been asking me about for weeks, so I’m super excited to share an amazing product with you that your hair will LOVE.

I partnered with ApotheCARE Essentials to help educate on the science behind their products. I was thrilled for this opportunity because it introduced me to an amazing new product line, which includes hair and skin products, and I feel like I’ve been in a hair rut lately! Meaning, I haven’t really been in love with any one product, which is part of the reason why I haven’t shared very many. I will never ever share or recommend a product I don’t truly believe in or use myself! You can count on me for that :) I’ve been using “The Replenisher.” ApotheCARE Essentials has a few different collections to choose from, I chose this one because it’s formulated to deliver moisture while retaining natural oils for healthy hair  (hydration is the fountain of youth)!  Ok, enough about me; lets talk about ApotheCARE Essentials and why you will love these products…

What to consider…

Whenever you’re considering a beauty product, it’s important to look into the product’s story. For example: why did they choose their ingredients, how do they source these ingredients, how are these ingredients handled and blended together? I looked into all of this with these products, and it has my stamp of approval :)

ApotheCARE Essentials has a team of scientists (I love this – science is truly at the root of beauty) that follow a very specific 3-step approach when crafting their products:

1st: Selection: They precisely select ingredients known for their hair and skin benefits. What does this mean? They’re not choosing ingredients just for scent, color, etc. They go to all corners of the world to select the specific ingredients for one reason: to deliver solutions for your hair and skin! The bonus is they also smell amazing!

2nd: Phyto-Extraction: Phyto-Extraction is the process in which you extract the active essences out of a plant (phyto = plant, extraction = the act of taking something out. There’s some junior year semester 1 medical terminology for you ;) ).  The ApotheCARE Essentials Scientists extract the core essences of six different plants. These are the foundation for their products. Here is a list of each plant used:

  • Burdock – known for its detoxification properties
  •  White Willow – known to be soothing
  • Rosemary – known to be refreshing
  • Gingko Biloba – known to very balancing, which I love.
  • Sage
  • Seabuckthorn – I have one word for Seabuckthorn: REVITALIZING.

3rd: Slow infusion process. This is one of the most important steps. ApotheCARE Essentials Scientists SLOWLY infuse each ingredient into the products, so as not to break down any bonds and lose any effectiveness.

So, those are the key extracts used in their formulations. Now a quick breakdown on the formulation I’m using, “The Replenisher”:

The Replenisher is meant to deeply hydrate and moisturize. If you have dry and/or frizzy, hair, this formulation is for you!

Here are the main ingredients used and why I like them:

  • Cold-pressed Sweet Almonds:
    • Almonds, which are known to moisturize and (this is important for your hair, too).
  • Crushed Moroccan Argan Oil:
    •  Argan Oil is amazing and known for its nourishing properties, which I love using for my scalp. Your scalp is the foundation for hair follicles, so it’s important to keep it healthy!
  • Hand-pollinated vanilla:
    • Vanilla sourced from Madgascar and the scent is amazing!

As far as how to use it, it’s pretty self-explanatory :). Massage shampoo into your hair (I would massage this product a little more than others, take advantage of those helpful ingredients)! Smooth the conditioner into your hair (I usually skip my scalp with conditioner because it weighs it down, I just start at the middle of my head and work through the ends. And, that’s it! Here is a link to the product

ApotheCARE Essentials can be found at select drug and grocery stores. If you have any questions – ask me!

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Written by

Mona Vand

Doctor of Pharmacy. Beauty, Health, & Wellness Q’s

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