Best at Home Facial Gadgets

In today’s post, I’m going to show you 3 inexpensive, amazing facial gadgets that will really up your skincare game. A lot of times skincare gadgets can get really pricey, so I want to show you some affordable options.



  • Jade Roller ($25). This has been used in China for years and years …back in the day, it was only for the elite. Now, all of us normal people can use it too. It helps your skin for 2 different reasons: (1) jade stone and (2) how you use the device.



The jade stone is considered to be the stone of heaven. It has really cool properties and energy that come along with it. The jade stone itself is supposed to calm your nervous system and have detoxifying properties.


The actual device is kind of like facial massage. You can use the big end for your cheeks and jawline (rolling up) and the small end for under your eyes. The mechanism of rolling it and pushing your skin up is lifting, detoxing and promotes circulation and lymphatic circulation.


The best way to use this is:

  1. Cleanse. 
  2. Apply your favorite serum (preferably an oil serum).
  3. Roll.


I keep mine in the fridge because it feels nicer cold. Sometimes when I wake up, before doing anything, I just start rolling. It’s almost like an ice roller …with a lot more benefits.



  • Facial Cupping ($29.90). A lot of people go to their doctor’s office and have this done on their backs. The whole point of doing that is detoxification. This is a similar process. You get all these different cup sizes, and this basically promotes circulation and stimulates certain tissues in your skin that will boost collagen and fibroblasts. This will give your skin that firmness, elasticity and youthful plumpness. Facial cupping also relieves muscle tension in your face, so if you feel like you grind your teeth or get a lot of tension from stress, this can really help with that.



I recommend using the little ones under your eyes and the big ones along your jawline. Definitely use an oil or serum because you want this to glide nicely on your face. It can leave you a little red, so I would try this at night – it really depends on how gentle or hard you go. Pay attention to the areas you want to lift and firm or where you think you hold muscle tension.


How to: 

  1. Put a little bit of oil on your face (I use Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil by Drunk Elephant).
  2. Squeeze the cup. **How far up you squeeze will determine how much of your skin you’re grabbing – I recommend starting lower, squeezing a little bit and seeing how it feels.
  3. Place the cup on your skin and slowly glide up your face.



  • High Frequency ($29.99). This is something I’ve been using for years. I’ve gone to so many different spas and used so many estheticians, and this is something that I’ve seen repeated a lot.



It comes with all these different glass probes: the tongue, the mushroom, the comb and a tiny one. At spas, I’ve only used the mushroom one, so that’s the one I really use.


When the glass probe is applied to your skin, it creates an oxygen pocket – it’s like an electric current …sounds scary, but it’s actually not bad. This oxygen pocket in your skin has antibacterial and antiviral properties, so it’s amazing for wound healing, breakouts, extractions (you shouldn’t do your own extractions at home…but it you did, this would be great), dermaplaning, microneedling- anything where you’re exposing your skin to more bacteria. This is a great device to kill off all that bacteria, neutralize everything and make sure that you’re not going to breakout. It’s also great for if you feel a breakout coming on.


Mushroom- This one is bigger, so you can use it on your cheek or jaw line.


Tiny guy- This tiny one is meant for spot treatment. If you have a little acne breakout, you can hold this there for 5-10 seconds.


Tongue- This is for smaller areas: under your eyes, around your nose, etc. 


Comb- I’ve never seen this until I bought it. It’s supposed to help with hair growth, folliculitis …I don’t have any experience with it, but you can try it and let me know in the comments if it works!


How to: Do this on DRY skin, so it glides. Start with it on low, and glide it upwards on your face. At first, it gives you a little mini-shock. TIP- touch it on your finger first, and then touch it on your face to avoid the initial shock.


I love this because it’s so inexpensive, and it’s really powerful.


With anything skincare, start gentle and work your way up. Always start at home, maybe before bed. Never experiment with anything before going out because you never know how you will react. I love having these tools at home, so let me know what you think :).

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Written by

Mona Vand

Doctor of Pharmacy. Beauty, Health, & Wellness Q’s

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