Annoying Hair Issues And How To Treat Them…

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Due to popular demand, here is hair blog #2! I partnered with ApotheCARE Essentials for this post….

Let’s talk about annoying hair problems. I feel like this is something EVERYONE can relate to. Honestly, my hair has been difficult my whole life.  When I was a kid I had super thick, frizzy hair. Hair straighteners weren’t around yet, and neither were dry bars, so the only way to kind of tame it was for my mom to spend hours blow-drying it straight for me. Of course now I wish it were as thick but it’s not, however it still gets frizzy (funny how that worked out)….

On the bright side, regardless of what annoying hair problems you have, there are ways to tackle them! Everything from the foods you eat to the products you use can help manage your hair and make it better than ever.


As you know, I’ve been using The Replenisher, which is part of the new line of ApotheCARE Essentials hair products. All of their ingredients are known for their hair benefits, and I love that they originate from nature! Now, the way they’re extracted from the plant to your shampoo bottle, that’s all science. :)  It’s the perfect balance.  ApotheCARE Essentials uses a phyto-extraction technique to extract these essences, and then slow infusion to carefully infuse each ingredient into their product. Lets talk a little more about phyto-extraction, because this is something I believe makes a huge difference in the quality of ingredients.

Phytoextraction uses the power of electromagnetic waves to remove the cell wall and excess water, and only keep the inner essence of plants. What’s really interesting is that the process of phyto-extraction has been used for years by plants to remove heavy metals from soil. But this is one of the first times it’s being used in beauty! It’s an amazing concept, because it ensures nutrients are stabilized in a natural solvent, and ensures high levels of purity. This is one of the reasons ApotheCARE Essentials brings something new and innovative to the table.




Now let’s talk about food…

Here are some of my favorite foods I incorporate into my diet regularly for healthy hair:

Healthy fats

  • This includes walnuts, almond, nut butters, avocado, coconut oil, and coconut. The key similarity with all these foods is that they contain omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s are so great for adding shine and luster to your hair. They also help reduce overall inflammation, which can nourish damaged hair follicles and create a healthier environment for hair growth


  • Mangoes are full of Vitamin A and Vitamin E. These vitamins, along with other minerals and nutrients, work together to improve scalp circulation, add moisture, and boost hair health and growth.


  • My favorite hair benefit about grapes is that they contain linoleic acid and Vitamin E. These are great for making your hair healthy and strong, as well as reducing breakage.


As nourishing as these foods are, sometimes it takes more than just diet to tackle hair problems! I highly recommend a combination of diet AND lifestyle modifications to achieve your healthiest hair. When I say lifestyle modifications, here’s what mean: not wearing your hair in a tight ponytail or bun all the time (this can cause too much friction and tugging, and cause traction alopecia), not over-styling with heated tools (this can cause hair breakage), and using high quality products.  The shampoo and conditioner I’m using right now is by ApotheCARE Essentials, and it’s amazing!

Why I love ApotheCARE Essentials:

ApotheCARE Essentials is really the perfect mix of science and nature for me, and this concept really embodies what I believe in when it comes to wellness. The main ingredients used (they refer to this as their “Phytoblend”) consist of core essences of six plants. The ingredients include:

  • Burdock
  • White Willow
  • Rosemary
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Sage
  • Seabuckthorn


Do you have any questions on these ingredients? If so – leave them on my latest Instagram post! Would love to get a convo going :)

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Written by

Mona Vand

Doctor of Pharmacy. Beauty, Health, & Wellness Q’s

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